Shipping and handling:
All orders are handled in a professional manner and shipped without delay once payment is received.

We ship worldwide. We can send your order via ocean, train, ground and air freight using major transportation lines only. For express shipments, we use DHL, UPS and FED-EX.

All orders are shipped freight collect from  Miami, Florida  For pre-paid shipment, all shipping cost must be received.


Packing Standard:

We use standard corrugated  carton boxes for our packaging. Cleaned and painted shells are packed in 4 mill one gallon plastic bags. Large shells are individually wrapped in paper to protect their edges. Natural shells and tea products are packed in burlap 25 kilos sac.


We offer special contract packaging to fit your standards, with your labels. Contact us for a quote. We package from 1oz to 25 kilos sac for shells and tea products.

For live crab, we used insulated boxes for which there is a $7-$12 box fee (depends box on sizes) . There is no fee for standard corrugated carton boxes.

Important note for shipping live crabs

When the temperature in your area falls below 50 degree F or higher than 90 degree F, an insulated box must be used with a heat/cool pad. A box fee will apply. See shipping and packing , in bottom menu. At these extreme temperatures, we only ship live crabs next day air. All live crabs must be shipped next day air. Live crabs may be shipped second day air, only if your local temperature is expected to be between 55 and 85 degrees F at arrival. Please, calculate seperate shipping cost for live crabs, when going by air. We do not ship live crabs ground, unless you are in the states of FL, GA, WV, AL All dried goods are normally shipped ground, unless requested otherwis